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Using Make-Up Art to Make a Stunning Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes can be a scary fashion statement during the holiday, however, complementing it with make-up creates a more gruesome touch to an outfit. These are a few suggestions to help decide on what make-up to use to go alongside a Halloween costume:

Scars and bloodstains can be replicated using fake blood or a dark eye pencil. Whether it’s for a pirate who has seen her fair share of battles or a mauled zombie, a wound or two drawn on the face gives costumes a more blood thirsty appearance. Zombies in comics and cartoons are normally depicted as having green skin, such as Frankenstein’s monster, and varying shades of green face make-up can be used for a shadowed, realistic moldy flesh tone. Make up artist

As well as zombies, the Mexican Day of the Dead mask can be made using make-up for an undead look. Also known as sugar skulls, Day of the Dead make-up is used to create a vibrant range of skulls. Black face paint is applied around the eyes and on the nose to resemble empty skull sockets and a nose that never grew, teeth or fangs can be drawn on the sides of the mouth using a thin brush, white foundation creates a much paler appearance, while the rest of the make-up consists of brightly colored swirls and spider webs.

Ghouls and ghosts are pale, undead creatures. Emulate this deathly pallor using white make-up with a touch of blue for an ethereal look. Like the Day of the Dead make-up, black eye shadow or face paint can be used around the eyes for a sunken in, sleepless stare. Using white or pale lipstick can make the lips appear bloodless. If the ghost met a violent death then fake wounds could be applied to the face. This might be best done by your make-up artist.

Dressing up as a witch allows for a lot of creativity as the media has depicted witches in several different styles. Costumers dressing up as a witch could go as an ugly green skinned witch with fake warts and moles, reminiscent of the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ from ‘The Wizard of Oz’, or as a beautiful witch using dark, gothic make-up. Delicate spider web designs drawn around the eyes give a striking, attention grabbing look.

Vampire make-up can put people on edge with a little fake blood dabbed onto the corner of the mouth, as if the person has just fed on someone. A more tragic vampire character could have blood running down their cheeks to look like bloodied tears. All vampires have the bite of another vampire on the side of their neck to show that they have joined the ranks of the blood hungry undead.

Cat women have a more elegant but cute look. Whiskers drawn on the cheeks and thick eyeliner which flicks up at the corner of the eyes gives a feline appearance. Apply black lipstick to just the top lip and paint the bottom of the nose in black, with a small line to join them, and it will resemble a cat’s mouth.

Classic Elegance of Redwork Embroidery Designs

Redwork Machine Embroidery DesignsIf you are looking for an interesting way to beautify your home, one of the options you can try out is the use of various types of embroidery. Most people don’t think much of this as an art form, but the fact of the matter is that redwork embroidery designs can actually turn out to be extremely stunning. Getting them as gifts for other people or to spruce up your home is therefore something that you should definitely consider doing.

Redwork Embroidery Designs That Are Stunning Yet Elegant

EmbroideryWhen you invest in the redwork embroidery designs, one of the things that you will definitely benefit from is their elegance. The fact that there is some competition in this industry means that most of the parties that are involved in the manufacture of redwork embroidery designs tend to go to great lengths to offer products that are truly visually stunning.

Using redwork embroidery designs for décor is therefore not something that you will regret. Of course, the quality of the embroidery depends on a number of things, including the type of firm you buy the embroidery from. Those that use high quality materials and sewing machines to produce the embroidery tend to be more reliable than the rest, and it is these that you should ideally try to buy redwork embroidery designs for sewing machines if you are interested in more classic pieces.

Redwork Christian Embroidery Designs

When you are interested in investing in such items, one of the choices you can make is the purchase of Christian embroidery designs. These are usually made in such a manner that they depict specific scenes or messages that are relevant to Christianity, making them perfect gifts for Christians.

Christian embroidery designs can also be made in redwork, making them the perfect choice for people who are interested in redwork embroidery that has theological themes. If you are interested in getting such embroidery, it would be necessary to find a party that has specialized in the manufacture of such designs. This way, you will be guaranteed of having access to all the variety you need, making it much easier for you to find exactly what you need.

Creative Ideas in Redwork Embroidery

Embroidery If you are a Christian and are interested in buying gifts for other Christians in your life, the redwork Christian embroidery designs are usually a very good option. Some of the tips you can use to get the most out of them include making sure that you buy them in bulk before gifting seasons such as Christmas, when they might end up being in very high demand. Also popular are Christian baptism embroidery designs.

In addition to that, it would also be necessary for you to consider ordering custom made ones. This is not as expensive as most people often think it is, but will go a long way in making the gift more meaningful. Asking a designer to come up with the relevant designs is also very easy, since you only need to describe what you need to be added to the embroidery.

How Chiropractic Care Can Keep You Supple & Beautiful

Chiropractic for BeautyIt has been proved that chiropractic care improves the quality of life. Most chiropractors agree that a human being’s longevity and capability to carry on with day to day activities depends heavily on the health of their spine. So, how exactly will chiropractic care help a woman retain her beauty and youthfulness?

A crooked spine has never been termed as attractive. With chiropractic care helping you maintain a correct posture where your spine should be straight and strong, it follows that your body will feel healthier and younger.

Most people assume that people get crooked because of age but few of them plough further so that they get to the root; studies show that most of those who end up with a crooked spine at an early age than expected were either not active in exercise or they neglected their spine’s health.

Why Spine Health is Paramount

The health of your spine has a direct effect on fatigue and productivity. You might have noticed that tasks which require you to bend over are excessively tiring and will normally induce pain in your back. Now if your spine has subluxations, it becomes hard to beat fatigue and move on with life.

Worse even, subluxations might cause consistent or recurrent pain in your back. Normally, back pains are not so intense as to put you in bed but they make you incapable of exploiting your full potential. One dull day soon becomes a week and the week progresses into a month; if you lead a dull life, it takes away your radiance and soon, you will realize that you are aging.

Nerves are an information pathway for emotions, feelings of pleasure, body alerts and others which are essential for a healthy life. Most of them run on the spine which explains another of its importance. Don’t you think that a problem in a body organ could advance slowly without you noticing if information about it does not get to your brain because of a flawed spine?

It might look like a long shot but fact is, people have been diagnosed with diseases so common but tracing back to their nervous system. A Berkeley chiropractor helps you avoid such danger and other physical injuries which might stem from subluxations.

A Good Chiropractor Offers More Than Just Physical Health Benefits

A good chiropractor also helps with reducing your stress levels and rejuvenates your youthful energy. You will find out that you are more vibrant, accommodating and outgoing. For a woman, being attractive does not narrow down to her feminine features and the radiance of her face only. The way she talks, smiles and even walks are some of other things that define her beauty.

Not to forget, a healthy spine which is free of subluxation will be essential if you want to indulge in strenuous exercise. Exercise is not something many women like but more and more of them are taking it positively considering its benefits to both their health and physical appeal. Besides, chiropractic care ensures that you stay free from injuries which are not only painful but also capable of ruining the integrity of your spine for life.

The Ultimate Spa & Salon: What Defines The Best

Day SpaVisiting a hair salon and spa has nowadays become one of the most pampering and relaxing things anyone can do. This is mostly because in this day and age, stress could be too much to handle, but dealt with in just a few minutes of relaxing and staying away from work.

Getting an excellent look and cut just adds to the comfort of this pampering. Nevertheless, all this cannot be achieved just anywhere but only in ultimate places. Thus, when choosing the best spa or salon to visit, there are vital factors every patron must consider before settling on their final destination.

Experienced Staff

The most crucial of all features for an ultimate spa or salon is an experienced staff. No matter how much pampering one may receive at the salon, staff experience should be able to show through in one’s appearance when leaving the area. This extensively refers to how professional the hair is styled and how good one feels after their services. Additionally, skilled spa staff and hair stylists will use high quality products on one’s skin and hair.

Provide Many Options and Time

Hair SalonNo one enjoys being rushed when settling on a color, style and cut for their fresh look. A good spa and hair salon will always take time with their customers. Its staff is always able to offer possibilities and suggestions for treatments and hairstyles and also answer any queries a customer has about their services.

In addition to this, a first-class spa and salon, like FiveSensesSpaandSalon.com will provide a wide range of treatments and services to their customers. Some of the best services they should offer include different types of manicures, pedicures and excellent facials. They should also have massage services that a customer can choose depending on their preferences.

Hygienic and Clean

Keeping all tools used during treatments and hair make-ups sanitized and clean is a necessity all salons and spas should observe. In a first-class spa and salon, this is always visible to patrons. The appearance of the facility is clean with no dirt, dust or trash on the surfaces or floors too. This is one major characteristic that good spa and salons observe so as to avoid health issues to their clients.

Personalized Attention and Extensive Pampering

manicure pedicureIn addition to the above, a good quality hair salon and spa should be able to enable their clients enjoy extensive care and pampering that exhibits their competence. It should not only sell their treatments, but the experience too. For instance, offering bottled water and snacks upon entry can be included in the menu. Comfortable seating for all styling sessions and pedicures and manicures must be provided too. All this makes the facility experience more inviting to the customer.

Settling on a high quality spa and salon is essential to reaping and enjoying all benefits of this kind of experience. Visiting the salon or spa’s web page is one of the best places to begin to inquire if it offers exceptional services. Additionally, visiting the facility in person is a good idea to certify the facility is welcoming, clean and attempts to indulge all clients.

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